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A journey

started on 17th May, 2011.

  • 2011..


    In 2011 few like minded people decided to go out of of city on bicycles every weekend to get rid of everyday hustle and bustle, that’s how BDCyclists was formed.

  • 2012

    Going public

    The community soon became popular among the friends and family of the members of BDCyclists and grew bigger.

  • 2013

    Everyone smell the Change

    BDCyclists and it's activities came to the attention of media this year via several TV Interview, mainstream advertising, Television drama etc

  • 2014

    Another golden year

    Our Most popular weekend ride Bike Friday marked it’s centenary iteration.

  • 2015

    More cyclists, more communities..

    Member of the group hit 50000 and more than 150+ regular events in a year and making it one of the biggest happening group in Bangladesh.

  • 2016..

    Another fantastic year and Guinness attempt!

    Member of the group hit 70,000+ and we decided to attempt to break the current record of longest single line riding bicycle in Guinness World Record with our very own efforts.

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About BDCyclists

We are neither an elite athlete group, nor people who are training only to compete in races. We are general people like you who is either a student, a service holder, a business person having a common goal of staying healthy in this stressful life and ride for recreation, commute, health, and sheer fun. We do enjoy occasional races between our members and organize community races to measure our growth, skill, and fitness level – which is a community initiative.

Please spare a few minutes to fill up the registration form. Those emergency info can be very handy during our rides and read the rules and description.
http://bdcyclists.com/register/ [work in progress]

Our group is moderated, please make sure you read our rules;

A few more useful links of BDC:

WebsiteOur GroupFB PageYoutubeTwitterUpcoming Events
List of ActivistsGood For Nothing!

Our Rides

We have something for everyone!

Beginners' Lesson

Training for newbies..

Bike Friday

Our most popular weekend ride

Josshila Saturday

If you are hungry for more..

Night Ride

Riding in the dark!

Bijoy Ride

Celebration for our victory!

Shadhinota Dibosh Ride

Celebration ride for our Independence!

Pohela Boisakh Ride!

A ride to celebrate Bangla New Year

Share the Joy!

A Ride for joy, happiness!

Team BDC Training

ShutUP Legs!

Few places

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Facebook Group!

Our main group of BDCyclists

Desparetly Seeking BDCyclists

A place to ask!

FB Page

Our official fan page

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Contact Us

Feel free to fill the form or shoot us an email to bdcyclists(at)gmail.com